About Us

Archiereus is one of the largest suppliers of orthodoxy. We are a US-based company with most of our manufacturing made in Greece and in Russia. Our guiding principle is delivering products with total devotion to ecclesiastical Byzantine art and tradition.

With the complete understanding of this heavy cultural heritage, we present to our customers a wide range and variety of ecclesiastical objects that we created with love and respect for all our Orthodox brethren throughout the world.

We strive to offer the highest standards in production and service for all our customers worldwide at affordable prices. Hoping to meet the demands of the Holy Church we will continue our mission for years to come. 

We carry over 10,000 items but we specialize in custom-made church supplies and ecclesiastical art.

All our products are hand-made using the traditional tools used by the old craftsmen and silversmiths. We use only high-quality materials such as pure silver, fine bronze, and oven-baked enamel in combination with a fine finish of gold and silver plating.

We believe that our hand-made items can not be compared to others of mass production because we use only such materials and the highest construction standards. This is the reason why we offer a lifetime guarantee on all our products. We are also able to manufacture any church item that you might need and you can not find in our collection.